Awesome people

…and what they think & feel about it.

Every time a gift

Dear Michael, every time I can dive into your intuitive music it´s like a gift for me. Your intuitive piano creations touch my heart… my soul and your piano playing continues to resonate deep inside. It´s a joy having you share that gift with us Michael! Thank you for that.

Office for holistic Body- & Energy Work

Light sounds and dark sounds

Once you played a intuitive song on the piano for me. Light sounds and dark sounds…. during the song i was drawn into myself and saw pictures arising while you were playing. A journey through my life. Your intuitive music has helped me to get clear on an important decision in my life. Thank you for the beautiful experience.


Our session was so much fun!

Thanks Michael, our musical session was so much fun! And it was easy for me to let go and enjoy our shared time together - thanks to your lightness, your humor, competence, patience and your great intuition…. and finally to believe in myself. 🙂 ! I love being touched by your music and voice while playing piano and singing mantras with the harmonium.

Dipl. Shiatsu Practitioner